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Love the idea of two guys going at it? Well then, ask me gay stuff :3  

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    Hanging out with my Beautiful boyfriend.

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One more before I go to bed


    One more before I go to bed

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    Brand-New Optique-Girl


    Brand-New Optique-GirlThis is a 20 page Doujin Manga.
    The heroine is a Kyonyuu (Big breasted); a Meganeko (Girl with Glasses) and a Dojjiko (Clumsy girl) and a little shy… She’s perfect :D.
    After taking photos for the School Sport Festival, a guy asked her to have sex with him.

    Ok, the art is just awesome. The girl is cute and sexy, the “action” is very well drawn and hot.

    Overall, if you’re a Meganeko lover, a…

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